Past Events

LEGO ® Education @ Kindergarten Open Day Exposure:

First Assembly Of God Primary School & Kindergarten


Thanks to parents, students and teachers for a great interactive session during our presentation of LEGO ® Education top-selling Pre-School Set “Coding Express”.

In STEAM education early preparation of students is important! I hope all parents received the message well and enjoyed the session as much as we did!

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Sharing the importance of LEGO ® Education and Hands-on Learning in pre-school education


Trumptech eagerly accepted an invitation from Principle of St. Johannes College (Kindergarten) to participate in their Teacher Training Day. We led an interactive hands-on exploration of LEGO ® Education solutions and demonstrated how the teachers can help their pre-school students achieve success in learning. A fulfilling day for us and the participating group of teachers!

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LEGO®Education WeDo 2.0 Workshop:

Queen Elizabeth Old School Students' Association Branch Primary School


Another enjoyable LEGO ® Education “Hands-on” Experience! This time the primary school teachers were given a coding challenge with some intriguing targets. The ideas and knowledge were soon freely flowing with the teachers collaboratively working to achieve their targets. It led to an exciting finale!

We are sure their students will soon be having their own remarkable learning experiences with WeDo2.0 as well.

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