WeDo 2.0 Fun Day (P1-P4)

A gradewide STEAM activity with the use of globally renowned LEGO® Education sets!

Best choice for STEM Day, post-exam activity and open days!

Through group works, students get hands-on with WeDo 2.0 to build and code creative projects. Guided by our teacher through the engineering design cycle, students can exchange ideas, build prototypes, optimize their designs with data and compete in a mini in-school problem-solving contest!


Basic information

Grade: P1-P4
Duration:4 hours
Content Overview:

  • Learn about the hardware functionalities of WeDo 2.0 and the coding interface

  • Learn and apply STEAM knowledge to create their own projects like a smart fan, an electric car and a smart bumper car

  • Experience a comprehensive engineering design cycle which includes testing and modifying their designs with data

  • Demonstrate their work in an in-school problem-solving challenge


Fun Day Highlights

STEAM Learning

Learn fundamental STEAM knowledge and train computational thinking. Design and build with functional bricks, motors and sensors of the LEGO® Education set.

“Hands-on” Learning Experience

To complete the assigned challenge, students need to go through the engineering design cycle and create animated solutions through designing, building prototypes, testing, coding and optimising from errors.

In-school Problem-Solving Competition

Students get a chance to exchange ideas and showcase their own creative model by participating in an In-school problem-solving competition.


About LEGO® Education set: WeDo 2.0


The LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set, which includes 280 bricks, as well as sensors and motors, offers endless possibilities for making abstract concepts concrete by using tangible elements students can manipulate with their hands.

  • Focus on engineering and code learning

  • Simplified block-based coding interface

  • Total Number of Elements: 280


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