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Trumptech offers interactive teacher workshops on a regular basis! We will keep you all updated on the teaching tips and news about early education. Please bookmark this page to obtain the most up-to-date workshop information!

【Sep 2022】LEGO® Education Six Bricks

Enhance the all-round development of the kids!
LEGO® Education Six Bricks is a classic tool of “Learning through play” originated from Care for Education, an education institution in South Africa. Through exciting games and activities using the DUPLO® bricks of six different colours, children can develop their all-round skills including fine and gross motor skills, mathematical reasoning, memory, social and problem-solving skills!

We are thrilled to invite you to join our Six Bricks workshop for free! We will introduce you to the theoretical concepts of Six Bricks and share some application tips and case studies. You will also participate in several hands-on activities to experience the process of learning through play and the joy of it!

Workshop Details
Date: 23 Sep 2022 (Friday)
Time: 14:30 - 15:30 or 16:00 - 17:00
Venue: Room 1505-10, 15/F, Manhattan Place, 23 Wang Tai Road, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

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【August 2022】LEGO® Education Coding Express

Play is a significant part, possibly the favourite part, of children’s daily routine. Not new to most kindergarten teachers, the key of effective class delivery lays right there, which is to connect learning with play, and through play reinforce their students’ development.

We invite you to join our free teacher workshop in May! You will be introduced to Playbox consisting of LEGO® Education early learning sets, My XL World and Build Me “Emotions”. Through several hands-on activities, you will get familiar with the two sets as well as experience the entire process of learning through play. We will also dive deep into the application of Playbox with real-life applications. Join us and explore more useful insights to optimise the “Learning through play” application!

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【July 2022】LEGO® Education Coding Express

Let the kids learn fundamental coding concepts through games!
Kids can learn about coding concepts like sequence, loop and conditional through hands-on activities with the use of LEGO® Education Coding Express, a specially designed STEAM set for early learners. Kids can make their train sound a horn, stop or change direction by simply placing colourful action bricks on the track!

With the theme of LEGO® Education Coding Express, we are thrilled to offer a free teacher workshop in June! You will get to know more about the set,and also build the train track by yourselves! We will also share tips on engaging students and developing their logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Besides, kids also get to learn how to collaborate with their friends to complete the missions!

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Highlights of past events
We hold various thematic teacher workshops on a regular basis. The Workshops inspire teachers to conceive how to engage LEGO® Education sets and playful learning in the curriculum. It also provides a good opportunity to interact with other teachers and LEGO® Education Academy Certified Teacher Trainer. Join us today!


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