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PLAY serves a significant role in every child’s life. The Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide, alongside plenty of research, highlighted the importance of play. Not only can play assist children's learning, it also has a positive impact on children's mental health and all-round development.
With education sets including the classic Six Bricks and DUPLO® bricks, Trumptech presents you with various solutions ranging from certificate courses, fun days, and workshops. We aim to foster children's balanced development in the aspects of language, social, and problem-solving through exciting hands-on experiences and develop the core skills and confidence in them to face the ever-changing world!

LEGO® Education all-round solution

Apart from supporting kindergarten teachers in early education, LEGO ® Education sets can also serve as a counselling and training tool for children with special needs.

  1. Hardware
    LEGO® Education sets including Six Bricks and Build Me Emotions are applicable in both Kindergarten and SEN education and counselling.

  2. Services for students
    We offer tailor-made solutions and hands-on activities including fun days, student courses and parent-child activities

  3. Services for teachers

  • Instructor certificate courses such as Six Bricks Certificate

  • Training on counselling & teaching, and general teaching support

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Our Solutions

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