Six Bricks & DUPLO® Play & Learn Workshop

Under the theme of LEGO® Education Six Bricks and DUPLO® Play & Learn, participants get to develop core skills like problem-solving and collaboration skills via various jovial hands-on activities.

The workshop starts with an interesting warm-up game using Six Bricks which strengthens the participants ability to understanding abstract concepts and cognitive skills, alongside social and emotional management skills. Following up with a classic DUPLO® Play & Learn session, participants can express their creativity, and hone their concentration, collaboration and problem-solving skills.


Workshop Details
  • Target: Adult or Student

  • Suggested workshop size: Max. 20

  • Suggested duration: 3 hours

Instructor Background
Certified Facilitator of Care For Education (CFE) Six Bricks, DUPLO® Play and Learn and LEGO®-Based Therapy


Workshop Rundown
  1. Introduction

  2. Warm Up Games

  3. Six Bricks hands-on activity

  4. DUPLO® Play & Learn

  5. Reflection & Wrap up


Check out the video to learn more!



Workshop Highlight






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