Six Bricks Workshop for Elderly

LEGO® Education Six Bricks consists of six colourful LEGO® DUPLO® bricks. Through the simple hands-on activities with the use of the classic Six Bricks set, elderly can train their fine motor skills and short-term memories. They will also develop their creativity and enhance communication skills in this relaxing and interesting workshop.

The workshop consists of two marvelous sessions! Firstly, the participants will engage in a simple game with the use of Six Bricks to enhance their cognitive skills and the ability to understand abstract concepts, as well as developing their social skills! Then, they will take part in the DUPLO® Play & Learn which the elderly can train their fine motor skills, and develop their core skills including creativity, collaboration, concentration and problem-solving skills.


Workshop Details
  • Target: Elderly

  • Suggested workshop size: 10-15

  • Suggested duration: 2 hours

Instructor Background
Certified Facilitator of Care For Education (CFE) Six Bricks, DUPLO® Play and Learn and LEGO®-Based Therapy


Workshop Rundown
  1. Introduction

  2. Warm Up Games

  3. Six Bricks hands-on activity

  4. DUPLO® Play & Learn

  5. Reflection & Wrap up


Workshop Highlights






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