CodeN'Sim Student Classes (P4-P6)

CodeN'Sim is a gamified coding platform where students can learn valuable STEM skills such as coding and robotics, computational thinking and problem-solving skills!

CodeN'Sim Student Course brings to you an extraordinary code learning experience! Broaden possibilities of classroom activities and evaluation with a hybrid model!

Number of classes: 6 Units (1.5 hours/ Unit)
Student number: 16 ppl


Course Outline:

  • Learn about the hardware and Scratch coding interface of LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime

  • Use of the SPIKE™ Prime Simulator on CodeN’Sim for program testing

  • Learn the fundamental computational thinking concepts like events, sequences and loop

  • Testing and Debugging

  • Learn and apply mathematics concepts of angle, fraction, time, speed for problem-solving

  • Experience program design and optimisation via a series of problem-solving activities

  • Take part in the competition and demonstrate their learning

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