【NEWEST STEAM Education Set】LEGO® Education BricQ Motion

Explore the magic of physical science & engineering through hands-on learning experiences!

LEGO® Education BricQ Motion is officially launched! Students can design various sports themed experiments and learn physical science and engineering concepts such as forces, motion, and interactions through hands-on learning experiences without the need for technology.

BricQ Motion Essential Set and BricQ Motion Prime Set are designed to engage, excite and inspire P1-P5 and P6-S2 students respectively. Students at different stages can easily grasp the abstract physical science phenomena and experience the many “aha” moments when they set bricks in motion.

Students can engage with the dynamic LEGO blocks of the BricQ Motion Set, such as gears, springs, levers, pulleys etc, to experiment continuously within the sports contexts. They can observe, analyse and understand physical science phenomena in real life and dive into the journey of STEAM learning!

BricQ Motion also includes Minifigures and an extensive selection of special elements, like gears, wheels, balls, weights, and pneumatics. It also introduces the new numbered foils for visualising math learning, students can easily gather data on variables, angles, heights, and lengths to support their analysis and synthesis, making math more relevant, creative, and fun!

Supporting Materials

Furthermore, BricQ Motion is supported with a comprehensive professional development program which includes teaching videos, printable handbooks, lesson plans and assessment rubrics, in order to improve the STEAM learning and teaching efficiency.

Last but not least, the BricQ Motion Sets also comes with the Personal Learning Kit, providing extra LEGO bricks, building handbook and enrichment lessons which helps teachers to continue delivering curricula in this hybrid learning environment.

Trumptech is now launching a limited-time offer for the new BricQ Motion Sets. Any school who purchases the set before 30 June, 2021 will enjoy a 5% discount. Don't miss it!

BricQ Motion Sets Basic information

BricQ Motion Essential Set
Target Level: P1-P5
Recommended User Number: 1-2
Total Number of Elements: 523
Lesson Plan: 8
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BricQ Motion Prime Set
Target Level: P6-S2
Recommended User Number: 1-2
Total Number of Elements: 564
Lesson Plan: 8
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