FIRST® LEGO® League Discover

FIRST® LEGO® League is an internationally renowned STEAM competition. Teams are going to apply their STEAM knowledge and 21st-century skills to create innovative solutions to a problem they define. With the use of LEGO® Education sets, they will design and build a model to demonstrate their ideas.


About FIRST® LEGO® League Discover

With teacher guidance, participating teams will explore the annual theme through 12+ tailored lessons. They will build a model with LEGO® Education STEAM Park and an annual Discover set to demonstrate their solution.

Annual Theme

In face of increasing demand for human and cargo mobility, it’s time to evaluate the opportunities and threats brought by the transportation systems on our society, economy and environment!
Let’s reimagine a more efficient, reliable, inclusive and sustainable transportation system together!


Official Competition Tool

LEGO® Education STEAM Park is the official tool used by teams to participate in FIRST® LEGO® League Discover.

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Why should you join FLL Discover?

  • Supporting Sustainable Teaching and Learning
    FLL Discover can be mapped into classroom activities or the after-school curriculum to support year-round learning

  • Enhancing Interactions between Schools and Parents
    FLL Discover also encourage parent-child interactions and home learning, which can further reinforce the learning in school

  • Building a Solid Foundation for Future Learning
    FLL Discover consolidates students’ STEAM skills and core skills, which lays a good foundation for future learning. The projects will be shared on the official website and can be showcased at the school’s graduation ceremony

  • Enriching Students’ Learning Portfolio
    All participants will receive an official certificate and award, which can enrich their portfolio and prepare them for primary school interviews


Project sharing of season 2020-2021

Highlights of Award Ceremony 2020-21

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