Thematic Courses for Kindergarteners

Introducing Exciting Enrichment Classes for Preschoolers! Add a splash of colour to the new school year with our brand-name building blocks and themed curriculum. We recommend three major series of enrichment classes that allow children to explore maths, science, coding, engineering, social skills, and annual study themes!

All courses are suitable for K2-K3 students. They can be arranged with flexible class hours of 10-15 hours, friendly for integration into curriculum or extra-curricula activities! Upon completion, each student will be awarded a course certificate which is excellent for building their personal portfolio!


STEAM Park Course
Children will embark on a hands-on journey to build a vibrant and adventurous STEAM Wonderland, complete with playground equipment, games, and immersive scenes. This experience will deepen their understanding in gears, motion, measurement, and problem-solving, fostering their cognitive development in a joyful and engaging manner.

Coding Express Course
Children can learn basic programming concepts such as sequencing, looping, conditional programming, and cause-and-effect relationships through a train-themed setting and interactive building blocks. They can make the toy train perform actions like pausing, stopping, changing directions, and sounding the horn. It's a joyful and educational way for them to explore the world of coding!

Tech Machine STEAM Course
By utilising the Tech Machine and STEAM Park kits, children can build irresistible creations with themes of cars and engineering machinery. They will explore mathematical and scientific concepts while developing fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. It's a delightful way for them to engage in hands-on learning!


FIRST® LEGO® League Project-based Course
In accordance with the yearly theme of MASTERPIECE℠, children will progressively create LEGO models related to art and artistic expression. Through guided presentations, their language development and communication skills will be enhanced. Teams have the option to participate in selected competitions for further engagement and growth!

Social and Personal Skills Training Course
By combining the two core kits, Build me "Emotions" and StoryTales, with specially designed building blocks, story cards, and role-playing activities, we enhance children's storytelling abilities. They will explore emotions, body language, and differences between individuals, fostering their imagination and creativity. It's a wonderful way for them to develop their storytelling skills and cultivate their imagination!

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