BricQ Motion Essential Student Classes (P1-6)

Conducted by LEGO® Education Academy Certified Teacher Trainers

Through 8 hands-on BricQ Motion Essential creative projects, students get to learn the mechanics of gears, pulleys and levers; they will also learn about forces, motion and interactions. Students will experience the complete engineering design cycle while building prototypes and improving their designs to solve problems!


Basic information

Class size:16 students (2 in a group)
Number of hours:8 hours
Content overview:

  • Learn about LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential

  • Explore and apply STEM knowledge through building mechanical devices

  • Get to know the mechanics of gears and pulleys

  • Apply their learning to create solutions whilst experimenting with forces, motion, and interactions within sports context

  • Experience the engineering design cycle including testing and optimising their designs



LEGO® Education set: BricQ Motion Essential

  • Cover various topics of science, physics and engineering design

  • Explore physical science within a sports context

  • With gears, levers and pulleys

  • Total number of Elements: 523


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