BricQ Motion Essential Fun Day

A gradewide STEAM activity with the latest LEGO® Education sets!

Best choice for STEAM Day, post-exam activity and open day!

Students will get to know the hardware of LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential and learn various science concepts via hands-on activities! They will collaborate to design, test and modify the model, and join in a thrilling in-school problem-solving competition!


Basic Information

Grade: P1-3
Duration: 4 hours
Content Overview:

  • Learn about LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential

  • Get to know the mechanics of gears and pulleys

  • Explore the concepts of pull, push, friction and gravity

  • Explore how different parameters affect the operation of a model, learn to record and analyse data to identify patterns and make predictions

  • Experience the engineering design cycle including testing and modifying their projects through hands-on problem-solving activities and participate in an in-school competition


Fun Day Highlights

STEAM Learning

With the use of BricQ Motion Essential, students will learn the concepts of energy transformation, action and reaction forces.


“Hands-on” Learning Experience

Students will build a Race Car model and explore how different factors such as mass and rolling resistance affect its travel distance. With the concepts learnt, they will try to modify their model to complete the assigned challenges!


In-school Problem-Solving Competition

It’s time to kick start the wind-powered Sail Car Competition! Students will understand the structure and working principles of the Sail Car model, collaborate to build one to race against each other in the in-school competition. They also get to share their design features and modification plans.




About LEGO® Education BricQ Motion Essential

  • Cover various topics of science, physics and engineering design

  • Explore physical science within a sports context

  • Total number of elements: 523

  • With gears, levers and pulleys


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