SPIKE™ Essential Student Classes (P1-4)

Designed by LEGO® Education Academy Certified Teacher Trainer

After getting familiar with SPIKE™ Essential hardware such as motors and sensors, students will research around everyday themes. Utilising their STEM knowledge and coding skills, they will design, build, test and modify their creative model to solve problems in the real world and develop their computational thinking skills!


Basic Information

Class size:16 students (2 in a group)
Number of hours:8 hours
Content overview:

  • Get to know LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential

  • Learn the basic concept of computational thinking and use block-based codes to program and solve problems

  • Learn and apply STEM knowledge, design and build creative models with the use of hardware such as motors and sensors

  • Experience the whole engineering design cycle including testing and modifying products through various problem-solving hands-on activities



About LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential

  • Ignite students’ interest in STEAM learning through interesting activities

  • Drag-and-drop block-based coding interface

  • Total number of elements: 449

  • Include hub, 2 motors and 1 sensors


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